What is Theatre In Education?

TIE: Theatre In Education. An acronym that is especially important here in Italy, where Drama is not part of the regular students’ curricula and is something many students don’t get the chance to experiment and be involved in. Our TIE Tours focus on providing a Theatre experience for students all over the country and stimulate a positive approach to both Drama and the English language through that experience. All of our shows are highly interactive, fully immersive and fun, and are performed by our TIE Actors every year in front thousands of Italian students everywhere in the country, north to south, islands included.

Getting ready for tour

Our shows are highly interactive and involve acting, singing and some basic dancing too! Every year our actors join us at our Headquarters in beautiful Arma di Taggia, on the Ligurian Coast, and together we get ready for the tour ahead, blocking the shows, working on the songs and getting comfortable with the interactive parts of the shows and other teaching aspects of the role. Performing for an audience that might not understand your language presents a particular set of challenges and requires the actors to develop specific tools ( using a very slow pace, supporting your dialogue with gestures ), all of which we’ll work on extensively throughout the rehearsal process. It is very important that our actors walk into the rehearsal room with tons of energy, an open mind and a willingness to put themselves out of their comfort zone.

Ready For the adventure of a lifetime?

Bell Theatre in Education actors tour Italian schools and perform interactive English language shows supported by workshops. This exciting and unique experience provides the opportunity to act, teach, and travel across Italy. 

We are looking for fun, vibrant and enthusiastic actors for our TIE Tours 2024. Do you love theatre and working with children? Would you like to be part of a company that provides interactive, fun and educational shows and theatrical workshops to thousands of Italian students? Would you like to travel across the beautiful breath-taking and culture-rich regions of Italy?

Apply now and receive more info about the role, we have multiple Tours starting from December 2023!

Any questions?

Contact us at tie@bellbeyond.com

Take the show on the road!

After the rehearsal process, it is finally time to hit the road! Each of our tours involves a very small cast, 3 actors, who will independently travel, live and perform together in different schools all over Italy. From the beautiful Lake Como to Rome, from Florence to Sicily, tour is a chance to experience Italy in a very special way, create long lasting friendships and meet thousands of students, all buzzing for your upcoming performance at their school! Fancy a snippet of what life on the road is like? Please watch the video below!