An amazing Journey

In the past 10+ years Bell Beyond has established itself as a Leader in Full-Immersion English teaching in Italy, collaborating with hundreds of public and private schools nationwide. At Bell, we always strive to bring the best possible TEFL programmes  and provide great hands-on teaching experiences to our Teachers and students. Our focus has always been on Edutainment, teaching through games and performance and facilitate a less academic, more natural and fun approach to teaching and learning English. Our programmes are created for native and native level English speakers looking to expand their teaching toolkit and have a fantastic adventure in beautiful Italy. Every year, hundreds of Summer Camp Tutors, TIE Actors and EFL Teachers take part in our programmes and bring a new perspective on English teaching to thousands of Italian students nationwide.

Our values

  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Personal development
  • Effectiveness

is bell right for you?

Our mission is for all of our Tutors, EFL Teachers and Actors to not only learn a different set of skills, but to be able to apply them with confidence in real life situations while teaching English as a foreign language, anywhere they might be in the World. All of our programmes focus on teaching through fun and how to do so effectively when our students don’t speak English. Areas such as Classroom Management, Games, Interactive Storytelling and Lesson Planning are covered in great details in all of our programmes. We welcome Teachers who like to think outside the box and can bring energy, fun and enthusiasm to any teaching environment. 


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