Being a Bell Summer Camp Tutor is a hugely rewarding experience, but don’t take our word for it!

Read about some of our tutors’ experiences of working with Bell below!

Jessica, UK

“I was very impressed with my training from Bell. The training Bell provide was very intensive but I think this contributed to its success. I really enjoyed circle song time and interacting with the parents. I also found it rewarding to see the children enjoy crafts, and genuinely felt that some improved and tried their hardest. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of my host family. Utterly charming people and very respectful of my space. So accommodating and thoughtful. I think Bell is a very impressive company and that their organisation is excellent, especially given the scale of the operation.”

Liam, Ireland

[My Camp Leader] “was always happy to answer any questions and made a great effort to brief everyone each day and ensure they had an understanding of tasks, roles etc. I enjoyed training because it was extremely interactive and allowed us to practise certain activities before we got to camp. The trainers we extremely encouraging and made the training fun even though the days were long and intense. I absolutely loved [my time as a tutor at camp]! I loved my class so much and they had great relationship with each other which made it easy to get things done. I also had great support from [my camp Leader] so if I did need help I knew I could ask. The tutor pack was great, it gave me everything I needed and so I felt confident as a tutor. I have had an amazing time with Bell and I am hoping to come back again next year.”

Hanna, UK

  • “I had a fantastic experience, the children were a lot of fun and I had a great time teaching them. My host family were superb, extremely welcoming and ensured I had a really good experience.”

Connor, Ireland

“As the training is only 3 days long, the amount of information we receive can be [a lot] to take in in such a short period, however I found Bell covered everything I needed to know and if I had any questions during camp, I always felt confident that the Bell supervisors had my back, and respond to emails etc. as promptly as possible. Before I started with Bell, I never thought I could teach children, however I found an absolute love for children over here and find their joy in the everyday things infectious. Even after the longest, most tiring days, when your kids run up to you to give you hugs and shout “teacher, I love you!” and leave camp with a big smile on their face, it makes everything worthwhile. Every host family I have stayed with have been so different from each other but I have had so many great experiences with each of them and continue to stay in contact long after camp has ended. All in all, I found being a tutor so rewarding and would return to Bell for as long as they’d have me.”

James, UK

“Any questions or concerns [put to my Camp Supervisor] were answered without hesitation and with a positive attitude. Camp is a very fulfilling experience. I think as a tutor you should be very proud of yourself if a student walks into your classroom with no English and leaves with some. Naturally there are stressful times but even these times are ok because personally ironing out problems and helping others who may be stuck is a positive experience. All three of my host families have been incredibly generous, kind and considerate. I was apprehensive before I left the training site but once I reached my first family I realised how lucky I was to be with them. It’s wonderful to not just see a country but to really live and experience it. I feel as though working for Bell is a great experience. Not everyone can say they get to live and work in Italy and living with host families makes the experience even more authentic. It’s great to experience such a different culture from my own and I’ve realised how important the English language is universally. As I’ve previously stated, it’s an incredible thing to know that someone is leaving the classroom with knowledge of a new language and that that is because if you. I really like Bell as a company and feel very lucky to have worked for them this summer.”


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