Job outline

We are recruiting actors to participate in our ‘Acting and Workshops’ tours, which will form several groups, each of which will tour a region of Italy. Our repertoire will include thoughtful and interactive adaptions of Fairytales and English classics as well as original comedic sketches. Performances consist of material adapted for a particular language level, focusing on a particular theme and grammatical point. This group works exclusively with primary and middle school age groups.



3 English Tales:

Peter Rabbit. CEFR Pre-A1. Ages 6-7 years old
Peter Pan. CEFR A1. Ages 7-9 years old
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. CEFR A1/A2. Ages 9-11 years old

7 Sketches:
Shows to be confirmed. CEFR A2/B1. Ages 9-14 years old

Each show is followed by a 30 minute workshop. The actors split the audience into smaller groups and run 30-45 minute workshops which include games, songs and activities relating to the didactic element of the show. Each actor will work with approx. 20 – 30 students in each workshop. All workshops are part of the repertoire and are prepared for you.


Rehearsal agreements:

Dates: Sunday 9th January 2023 – January 28th 2023 (subject to change)
Accommodation: shared room, breakfast and lunch
Payment: €450 total


Tour agreements:

You will be working on average up to six contact hours a day, at multiple schools, with travel afterwards which may include distances of 100km and upwards. Performers will be required to work some Saturdays.

Dates: tbc (includes an Easter break)
Accommodation: Shared room, breakfast (if provided by the hotel/ B & B)
Payment: €250 per week (paid monthly). Plus: car/ petrol costs; work insurance; the potential to earn up to €30 per week bonus – depending on the fulfilment of the Employment Conditions.


Via Nino Pesce, 82/84

18018, Arma di Taggia (IM)

P.IVA 01659600082